EDC Keychains

Is there such a thing as an EDC keychain? My question to you is how often do you carry keys? The answer would be, most people carry them everyday, so that answers that question. Some people just use a simple keychain to hold their keys and nothing more.  But some people may try to combine survival or some other items with  their keychains and that does work. Let’s look at some different types of keychains that can be used and you can make up your own mind.

Ballard Bottle Opener

Always be ready for the party with the Everyman Ballard Stainless Steel Bottle Opener. Using 304 stainless steel, this tool is incredibly durable and robust to handle anything you throw its way. The sleek steel cylinder is complete with a notch carved in the side. With this, you can easily and effortlessly pop the cap to any bottle in just seconds. The Ballard Bottle Opener is incredibly small to be part of your everyday carry. Weighing just 6 ounces, you’ll hardly notice the bottle opener is there until you need it. In addition, the Ballard Bottle Opener is finished with a coated cable key ring. It’s equally as durable as the opener and pairs with the Buy-For-Life Design by Everyman.

Bomber B-2 Nano Blade Keychain

Built for survival and every day carry · Stainless steel blade · Keychain carabiner
The B-2 nano blade keychain pocket knife is great for every day carry because of its small size and tough features. Ideal for attaching to a keychain with the included carabiner, it weighs less than one ounce. The knife tackles tasks with a super-sharp, serrated stainless steel blade that is held firmly in place with a lock lever.

Bundle Monster 5pc. Aluminum Carabiner

Bundle Monster 5 pc S-shape Aluminum Carabiner is a snap clip hook keychain, works for all types ok keys, everyday keys, garage storage, organization system hooks, sports & outdoors, etc.  They work great to help you stay organized.


Designer Ray Kirk has put his spin on the concept of an emergency strap cutter with his new K.E.R.T.™ (Keyring Emergency Rescue Tool).  Now you can have a razor sharp seatbelt cutter always at the ready hanging on your key ring. This nifty little tool also excels in cutting webbing, or fibrous materials, when needed. It features a screwdriver, oxygen tank opener, bottle opener, and 1/4″ hex wrench.  This is a pocket sized tool that is designed to make your life easier, maybe prevent a headache or two, and perform necessary emergency tasks. The K.E.R.T. comes with a form fitted vinyl slip-sheath.  Don’t be caught unprepared, stay safe, and put one on your keychain today!

CRKT Viva Keychain Multi-Tool

Designed by Liong Mah of Palm Bay, FL, the Viva™ keyring multi-tool hangs like a keychain. But it acts like a toolbox when you need it.  It contains a prybar, a flat screwdriver, a bottle opener and a multi-wrench.

Fishhook Key Fob

Fishhook Key Fobs are made of quality solid brass, grade high precision processing craft, stylish look with hanging hook, size: 2″ and 2 3/8″, can be used for key chain, belt clip, wallet chain hook or anywhere you want, can be hang on backpacks to take along with your EDC belongings.


FireStash Keychain Lighter

The smallest waterproof lighter in the World ! The FireStash lighter with its neoprene ‘O’ ring seal simply attaches to your keyring or bag. Giving you the power of fire at your fingertips come rain or shine. Refillable with regular lighter fluid (not supplied).

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop Keychain Cable

You’re out on the town and need a charge, but those other key chain cables are too short to easily reach USB ports and can break all too easily. Meet TITAN LOOP – The Toughest Key Chain Cable on Earth. TITAN LOOP extends to nearly 25cm / 9in long, but loops in half to attach to your key chain, belt loop, backpack, or MacBook bag. Meet the last key chain cable you will ever need.

Gerber Shard Keychain Multi-Tool

Perhaps the most simply designed tool in your arsenal, this key chain companion should not be underestimated. With 7 essentials functions built in, this airline-safe tool is ideal for everyday travel and tasks. A titanium nitride coating protects against corrosion for long use.

Grovemade Stainless Steel Keyring

Fashioned from a solid block of stainless steel, The Grovemade Key Ring is nearly indestructible, made to easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Designed to hook quickly on and off your belt loop, yet small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, each ring features a built-in bottle opener for cracking into a beer or soda, no matter where you are.

Handgrey Carabiner Keychain

The Handgrey Bauhaus Titanium carabiner is a modern and minimalist take on the common carabiner. The goal is to create the best everyday carabiner that will integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

InCharge Keyring Cable

The flat cable design ensures inCharge never gets tangled – With an Apple Lighting connector, inCharge is compatible with most Apple devices – Features a unique magnet system – strong N52 magnets snap safely onto your keyring – Great for storing and transfering your data quickly and easily – When closed, inCharge is only 1.5 inches long, making it the smallest keyring charging cable in the world


James Brand Halifax Keychain Multi-Tool

Machined from a single block of 6AL4V Titanium, the Halifax is a small but mighty companion – the perfect tool for a light functional carry. The Halifax will help you tighten down a loose screw, pry your way out of a pinch, or open a cold beverage with its custom-machined thumb stud bottle opener.  The Halifax is small and sleek, yet mighty. Open a bottle, twist a screw, scrape away unwanted gunk, or pry loose that stuck part.  The Halifax is deceivingly simple, yet packs a punch. You’ll be surprised at how often it finds its way into your daily tasks. The unique shape fits naturally into either your left or right hand, the screwdriver works with both flathead or Phillips, and the Billet Titanium construction stands up to whatever you throw its way. And it packs an integrated bottle opener for when the job is done and it’s time to kick back with your beverage of choice.

Keydish Mini Everyday Carry Key Organizer

The KeyDisk Mini is a great way to streamline your keys into one slim-fitting device. All of the hardware is included to hold up to ten keys and the angular laser cut design allows you to easily access any one of them with only one hand. The key organizer is made from aluminum and is small enough that you won’t even notice it in your pocket, even when sitting down.

KeySmart Key Organizer

Organizes your keys so they don’t poke you or jingle. Easy to locate if lost. Ultra-Bright Flashlight. Free Bottle Opener. Rechargeable Tile. Rechargeable Battery. Features: Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight, Micro-USB, Easy To Assemble, Bottle Opener.

Leatherman Brewzer

The Brewzer has been designed to pop the top on your favorite beverage in just one try, making it the only keychain bottle opener you’ll ever need. The multi-purpose flat tip also acts as a mini pry tool. Made from high-grade, heat-treated stainless steel, the Brewzer fits perfectly on your keychain split ring (through the beer-bottle-shaped hole) or in your pocket.

Maratac Keychain Screwdriver Set

The simple concept of a screw driver on your key ring is not new. Nobody has made a high quality key ring screwdriver for the last 10 years, until now. They are constructed of heat treated, blackened steel.

They are so simple, there’s not much more to say about them.

Orbitkey EDC Key Organizer

This limited collaboration with EverydayCarry.com explores the fine balance between minimalism and quality for everyday carry. We’ve paired 1050D Ballistic Nylon with 500D Cordura Nylon for maximum durability in a one-of-a-kind digital-camouflage pattern making every Key Organiser unique. A daily essential built for an urban environment.

Schrade Titanium Keychain Pry Tool

Pry tools and one piece tools have been all the rage for years now and not only is the market flooded with them but one can find multiple on Kickstarter alone that are awaiting funding. Guess you find a cash cow and jump on the bandwagon. Schrade who was bought by Taylor Brands back in 2004 hadn’t had a pocket tool in its lineup. Since the acquisition TB has re-released classic items from the Schrade past as well and produce items for the current market.  Schrade released its first version of the titanium pry tool back in 2013; it sold pretty well but not to the tune Schrade was looking for. Schrade made several changes to the design and released an updated version to their pry tool.

SOG MacV Tool Keychain

Whether you need to open a bottle, tighten a screw or nut, pry a staple out, cut fishing line, or touch up a blade on the go, the MacV Tool has what you need. Designed to resemble the original skull from the MACV-SOG group of which our company is named after, the MacV Tool is a versatile everyday carry, keychain tool that will prove handy in many situations. Best of all, it’s already in your pocket.  Made out of durable 3Cr13 stainless steel, the one-piece design with hardcased black coating will last many years. The number of uses for a convenient tool like this is endless, especially when you take it everywhere you go as it also complies with TSA regulations.  It has twelve basic components: pry bar, bottle opener, small flathead driver, large flathead driver, small Phillips driver, line cutter, blade sharpener, 1/4 wrench, 5/16  wrench, 3/8 wrench, 1/4 hex bit driver, and lanyard/keychain hole. 

Titanium Pocket Bit

These minimally design bit drivers fit in perfectly with your keychain setup. They’re made from grade 5 titanium for durability and lightness, and sized just right so that they go unnoticed amongst your keys. The bits work very well for their size, and that’s due to the key ring itself being part of the tool. Simply rotate either the Philips or flat head side out, and use the key ring for torque to quickly and easily tighten or remove a screw. You can choose from a hex-sided bit (pairs well with our TPT), or a sleek round-body version.