EDC Wallets

Wallets seem to be a necessity for most people these days, and there are many different types to choose from. It used to be popular to carry an old style bi-fold or tri-fold wallets so you can pack your wallet with a lot of stuff . I used to do that and I remember having to take my thick wallet out of my pocket while I was driving so I would not get a sore hip. The trend now is going smaller or to a more “Minimalist” life-style. That way you can sit on the new wallets and never feel a thing. Let’s look at some of those smaller wallets and see what you think.

Axess Front Pocket ID Wallet

A Front Pocket ID Wallet that neatly holds your essential cards and bills.  Holds 8 cards in a 3.1 x 4.3 inch frame including a transparent ID-pocket on the back.  Safely holds both bills and coins in the main inner pocket.  The main inner pocket is RFID-blocking.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

A MINIMALIST SLEEVE FOR CASH AND CARDS.  This sleeve makes easy work of storing and accessing your bills. A pinch opens the central pocket – ideal for folded bills – it’s a breeze to slide cash in and out. External slots fit up to 4 cards, quick to reach when you need them the most, and the central pocket can hold a couple more. Super slim, the Micro Sleeve smooths away pocket lines, for a tailored fit.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Slim Wallet

The all-rounder that loves your bills, cards and coins.  Fit your cash, coins and up to eleven cards in a slim profile. The Note Sleeve stores flat bills with ease, has quick-access slots for your daily cards and a storage area with a convenient pull-tab for less used cards. There’s even a coin pouch that doubles as a business card protector. Slim your wallet, without turning your world upside down.

Bison Denim Cash Fold Wallet

The Bison Demim is 100% genuine cowhide leather., vertical bifold wallet,3.8*4.7*0.5 in (L*W*H).It is large enough to hold all your cash and credit cards without being too bulky.  Design of the wallet is primarily a bifold but has a third leaf that holds one of the two ID windows, and covers the other.  That gives you the storage capacity of a trifold, but with the slim profile of a bifold.  Our RFID blocking wallets keep your vital information secure,block all RFID scanners and readers.  Has 2*ID window slots, 1*SD card slots, 9*card slots, 2 separated compartment for currency making it easy to separate $1 bills from larger bills.

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

The C01 Civilian Wallet is a simple front & back wallet, designed to simply carry cards & cash with an additional aluminum tab to secure & tether to your belt, your keys or a lanyard to function as a grip.   Has 4 internal pockets to organize your cards as you choose.  Designed to hold up to 10 cards comfortably.  Integrated silicone band to band cash and secure your goods.  Italian leather hand assembled in the USA.  CNC’d 6061 satin silver anodized aluminum tab.  Compatible with the MT02 mulit-tool.  Comes with a 550 paracord lanyard 3ft in length when unraveled.

Dango Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet

The Tactical Wallet was designed for the outdoor enthusiast that loves to keep things clean and needs to have tools easily accessible. There are over 14 functions built in. The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool slides into the cavity where the cards sit. When engaged, the multi-tool can nest securely into the safety locks built into the wallet chassis- allowing for easy sawing, cutting and protection. Common tools are built in: hexes, paracord cutter, nail pryer, a serrated/sharpened edge and even a phone stand. We thought of everything and think that you will be pleased with all of the functions built into such a small package.  The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool is made from high carbon, heat treated, corrosion resistant stainless steel and it is included with the T01 Tactical Wallet.

Dash RFID Blocking 4.0 Slim Travel Wallet

Dash Co. RFID Blocking Slim Travel Wallet 4.0 for Men Stops Electronic Pick Pocketing Works Against Identity Theft & Credit Card Data Breach by Stopping RFID Scans, Wallet is 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.1 inches and weighs 1.6 ounces. Made from Premium Thin Saffiano Leather, PU Canvas and Flexible Elastic. Has 3 compartment system will keep your cards and cash neat. Backed by a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Distal Union Wally Sleeve Wallet

True minimalists: we have your ideal wallet right here. Wally Sleeve also works great as a small auxiliary wallet or sleek business card holder.   New and improved Wally Pull-Tab™ gives you instant card access, then retracts in a flash. All of your cards stay secure in the stay-tight pockets. And a quick-access outer pocket provides a home for your essentials in a high-profile spot.   The slim Sleeve gets the job done. Simply.

Magpul DAKA Essential MAG758 ODG Wallet

The Essential Wallet is an extension of our Magpul DAKA collection. Made to hold only the cards that are essential to your daily life in one convenient place, eliminating the bulk and clutter of unnecessary cards. This makes finding what you need simple and hassle free.  What do you really need to carry with you in your wallet? We believe that it is Three ID/Access cards, Three Credit Cards and Three Bills.  The single pocket logo side is used to hold up to four ID/access cards and the dual pocket in the back is used to hold up to three credit cards in the top pocket and up to four emergency bills folded in the lower pocket.  We built the toughest, thinnest wallets in the world because you’re already carrying too much stuff.

Maxpedition Micro Wallet

The Micro Wallet is truly a minimalist’s wallet with an ID window, two internal card compartment, and one external slip compartment. Perfect for your drivers license, some credit cards, a few $20 bills, and a spare key. Some call this the “bikini” of wallets.

Maxpedition BFW Bi-fold Wallet

The BFW Bi-Fold Wallet has a slim bi-fold design. There is a clear vinyl window for your DL/ID. The interior has four (4) card compartments and one (1) slip pocket. Paper bill slot fits all major world currencies.

Maxpedition Spartan Wallet

The Spartan Wallet is a general purpose folding wallet that protects items from slipping. The wallet contains a plethora of small compartments secured with Hook & Loop tabs to prevent slippage. Two longer slots for paper bills make carrying multiple currency types easy. An external mesh pocket is great for quick access to ticket stubs or to separate receipts.

Maxpedition C.M.C. Wallet

Folding wallet for change and memory cards.  Has an overall size of 5″(L) x 0.5″(W) x 3.5″(H), 8 interior/exterior zippered and sleeve pockets, divided bill fold area for 2 different currencies, various slots for ID and credit cards, zipper access coin pocket in rear and elastic mini-pockets for memory card.

MultiWallet Desert Eagle Edition.  Kydex Tactical Wallet with Money Clip

MultiWallet Desert Eagle Multi tool is included,  this wallet has a special compartment with a stainless steel multi tool that is extremely handy in daily life. The multi tool is securely held in place by the money clip spring and is very easy to slide in and out.  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Utilizing the flexibility of the material itself, this innovative wallet does not require rubber bands to hold it together. We tested our wallet for extended period of time in real life conditions and now we are ready to make it available to everyone.  The recommended optimal number of cards this wallet can hold is 5. You can add the capacity expansion kit that will increase the amount of cards to 8. If you purchase the expansion kit with this wallet we will pre-install it so you don’t have to. The expansion kit can be removed if needed, we will include the hex key tool.


Ridge Minimalist Wallet

The Ridge secures your cash while keeping it easily accessible and the wallet as slim as possible. The Cash Strap is slightly slimmer, while the Money Clip has a more traditional feel. We’ve built The Ridge modularly so that you can always switch at a later date.  The Ridge was built with a focus on design and functionality—a wallet that’s minimalist without being limiting—so that you can carry less and always have what you need. It’s a reimagination of what the modern wallet can be.  It expands to hold 1-12 cards, uses RFID-blocking materials, is backed by our Lifetime Warranty,  is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and weight: 2 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm.

Secrid Cardprotector Wallet

A seamless blend of innovative function and sleek design; the Cardprotector is the very heart of the iconic Secrid wallet collection. This cardholder’s patented mechanism allows one to slide out their cards or ID with just the push of a button. Thanks to the solid aluminum construction, each Secrid Card Case is completely RFID – meaning the information on your debit and credit cards is safe and secure.  It holds 4-6 cards (Depending on card embossing and thickness), it has a durable card lever designed for one handed use,  a solid aluminum build card protector for light weight and maximum durability, RFID safe – Slide card out to use while still remaining RFID safe from digital pickpockets, card protector protects your most important cards against bending and breaking.

Spine Titanium Minimalist Wallet

In all honesty, points for creativity. This is an awesome, simple design and I applaud the initiative. Having said that, there has been 2 incidents where I reach in my pocket for my wallet, and the cards seem to be free floating. Because of that, I dropped some cards on the floor, and I just can’t afford that. The band doesn’t always stay in the desired cut-out towards the center of the wallet. It’s an awesome design, and very unique, I just don’t think it’s as perfect as it could be. I’ll be back for round 2!

Taylor Stitch Minimalist Billfold Wallet

Clever design born in supple leather. Our Minimalist Bill Fold will carry everything you need without unnecessary bulk. Keep your pockets lean.

Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet

The Trayvax® Armored Summit combines the Summit minimalist wallet with the RFID-protecting power of the Armor Plate. Don’t let RFID-skimming thieves get the upper hand. Instead, keep credit cards and personal information safe with increased durability and RFID protection. This on-the-go wallet is fully prepared to take on the world.  The Armored Summit is sourced and Made in the USA and comes backed by the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty. US Patent No. D780,449


Trayvax Ascent Wallet

The Trayvax® Ascent is a tough, front pocket wallet that’s with you for the long haul. The Ascent boasts a single, stainless steel plate, notched on both sides for a comfortable grip. Top grain, oil-tanned leather is carefully hand-stitched through the steel plate and secured in place with brass rivets. Carry only what you need on your journey with this slim, dual-slot credit card holder. Over time, the leather will form around the contents of your wallet and develop a patina unique to your lifestyle.  The Ascent is sourced and Made in the USA and comes backed by the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty.

Trayvax Element Wallet

The Trayvax® Element offers a rugged take on a classic leather wallet . We begin with a tough stainless-steel plate wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather and secured with MIL-SPEC paracord. This slim wallet is packed with features including a built-in bottle opener, integrated money clip, attachment point, and RFID-protection. The Element is slim enough to slip in your front pocket, tough enough for any outdoor pursuit, but stylish enough for date night or everyday carry.