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Awesome Fleece Vest

Product: 33,000 Ft. Mens Fleece Vest

Price: $ 29.99

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product: Amazon.com

My Overall Rating: 9.0


Quick Product Overview:

  • SOFT FLEECE FOR LAYERED WARMTH – This fleece vest for men is crafted of 100% soft polyester. It’s the perfect outer or mid layer for any spring, fall or winter activity, such as running, walking, workout, hiking, golf, skiing, camping and travel, etc.
  • 4 DEEP POCKETS (2 zippered pockets & 2 inner pockets) – This men’s vest is super functional and fashionable. 2 zip-up hand pockets and 2 inner patch pockets are perfectly sized to keep your stuff safe and secure, such as a large cellphone, a wallet, gloves,etc.
  • WARM & COMFORTABLE – This sleeveless jacket is soft with a little stretch to it, allows for a wide range of motion due to the elasticized armholes and great fabric. You won’t feel any restricted when doing outdoor sports or working indoors, etc.
  • CLASSIC FIT – This lightweight polar fleece vest features a high stand collar, full-zip front, long cut, and fitted fit for warmth and classic style.

Specifications Of This Product:

Fabric type – 100% Polyester
Care instructions – Machine Wash
Origin – Imported
Country of Origin – China


What I Like About This Product:

This is an excellent vest, being that it is fleece, it adds warmth to your wardrobe with a little style. But it is also very light weight and that lets you wear it indoors without feeling too hot. My wardrobe is western so this vest fits right in, but the main reason I like it is as a cover garment. I always have a concealed carry handgun in a inside the waistband (IWB) holster or under my armpit in a shoulder holster.  Either way this vest hides the fact that I am wearing a handgun.   

What I Would Change About This Product:

I like the vest and do not have anything to change about it. But just wanted to mention that animal hair loves to stick to fleece, just so you know.

Final Remarks:

The 33,000 ft. Men’s Fleece Vest is a great vest, it hangs down nicely and is thick enough that it does not “print” the firearm. This can easily be worn in Fall. Winter and Spring, Summer will be your personal choice. I really like using a vest for a cover garment, it is something that you can leave on all the time and people are not suspicious. This vest really works great with a waistband holster, it is long cut so it hides your holster well.  I highly recommend this vest as a cover garment for concealed carry.

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