Product Review

Great Additions to a Pocket Pistols Magazines.

Product: Pierce Grip Extensions

Price: $10.95 each

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product: Optic Planet. com

My Overall Rating: 9.50

Quick Product Overview:

The picture shown is a Ruger LCP Max with a Pearce Grip Extension installed.  This unit replaces the magazine base plate and retain all other factory components. It  does not alter the capacity of the magazine. These units will add 3/4″ additional length for better control and comfort.*** For use on the Ruger LCP Max magazines, must order a specific products for Ruger LCP 1 & LCP 2.

Specifications Of This Product:

    • These units blend with the contours and texture of the handgun giving a factory appearance.
    • They are made from High Impact Polymer and withstand drop tests at temperatures from -20 F to 250 F.
    • They form the next logical finger positioning feature to provide control and comfort without sacrificing conceal ability.

What I Like About This Product:

As I really like the Ruger LCP Max for concealed carry, I dislike the fact that I can only get two fingers on the grip, and my pinkie finger is curled underneath the magazine. Once I tried these extensions on my magazines it made all the difference in the world. Better grip, and more control of my gun.

What I Would Change About This Product:

This product is very good and I would not change anything about this magazine extension.

Final Remarks:

One of the major things we need when we are shooting is a good grip on the handgun, without this our accuracy would be very poor. Using this Pearce Grip Extension helps us to attain a good grip on the handgun by adding a little more length to the magazine and therefore being able to stabilize the handgun better. Some of these extensions also add more capacity to the magazine and that is a good thing as well. For just a few extra dollars, these modifications are worth it.

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