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Handy Utility Knife

Product: Husky Folding Utility Knife

Price: $13.95

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product:

My Overall Rating: 9.0

Quick Product Overview:

  • TEXTURED HANDLE allows for increased friction between the unit and your hand, allowing for greater control, even in slippery conditions
  • LANYARD LOOP at the base of the handle allows you to keep this on your person when you don’t have enough room in your pockets
  • TOUGH BELT CLIP on the side of the unit keeps this safe on your pockets or work belt for when you need it most
  • SAFE DESIGN: This blade folds in on itself, so you can keep yourself and those around you safe when it’s not in use
  • INCLUDED BLADES: 10 disposable blades come with this unit. It’ll be a long time before you have to worry about picking up a new one.

Specifications Of This Product:

ColorLimited Edition
Handle MaterialMetal
Blade MaterialAluminum
Handle TypeManual-Retractable

What I Like About This Product:

My shop is filled with these knives, I really like them.  They work for about any use you could think of and when they get dull, just throw away the old blade and get a new one.  Keep in mind to dispose of those blades in a safe place so nobody gets injured.

What I Would Change About This Product:


Final Remarks:

There are many brands of folding utility knives, Husky is just one of them.  But they work well and you can always have a sharp blade.  I like the folding type best as you can cover up the blade and keep things safe.  These are great utility knives, I recommend them highly.

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