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Nice inexpensive gun lock box 

Product: Hornady Lockbox

Price: $29.99/$34.99

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product: Amazon

My Overall Rating: 9.0

Quick Product Overview:

  • Hornady Lock Box – Store your firearm and valuables with confidence. This extra large locked storage box provides a safe and secure place for your handguns and other valuables at home, in the car or when traveling
  • Heavy and Sturdy – This Hornady safe is made from 16 gauge steel. Comes with a heavy duty 1500 lb. steel lock-down cable that attaches the portable safe to any stationary object, including a vehicle seat or heavy piece of furniture
  • Ideal for Travel – The gun lock box provides pistol storage and security for concealed carry permit holders. It easily fits in a suitcase or under a car seat. Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. Foam interior protects valuable contents
  • Easy, No Tool Install – Once attached to a secure structure, place your firearm or valuables inside of the Hornady safe. To close, press the lid down and turn the key counterclockwise to close. To open, turn the key clockwise and lift the lid.

Specifications Of This Product:

Lock Type:Key
Material:16 gauge steel
Item Weight:1 Pounds

What I Like About This Product:

Placing your handgun in your car/truck glovebox is not the safest thing to do when you are not able to have it on your person.  And while the trunk is safer, it can be a bit awkward sometimes to transfer your handgun from your holster to your trunk in plain view.  This Hornady Lockbox is really ideal in those situations and it is very inexpensive to purchase.  

This lockbox comes with two keys, a cable to secure it to your vehicle, and a nice padded steel lockable box to secure your handgun or valuables.  The box is thin enough that it slides right under your driver’s seat and can be easily retrieved when you need it.  The cable has a loop on one end so you can easily attach it around your seat framework and it will keep the box from leaving your vehicle when you do not want it to.  The keys work well, open and close it as needed. It’s a great lockbox for a $30.00 investment.  I might mention it comes in two sizes – large size (9.5×6.5×1.75), and X-large (10x7x2). I have the large size and it works well for my Glock 30, Glock 20, and Springfield Armory 1911 Ronin 4.25″ barrel.

What I Would Change About This Product:

I do not have any changes to this lockbox, it works fine the way it is.  Is it fancy – No. Does it work for the short term – Yes.  Is it acceptable for the money spent – Yes.

Final Remarks:

This is a great little lockbox for handguns and other valuables.  This is a “nothing fancy box” that will lock your handgun in your vehicle or elsewhere for the short term.  Is it a long-term handgun safe – No. But if you are wanting something to lock your handgun up while you run into the post office or run into your child’s school because your child left his/her lunch in your car, this would work great.

If you are looking for a fancy handgun lockbox with all the bells and whistles, this is not it. Hornady makes some other great gun lock boxes with fancy locks, RFID, etc. There are also many others companies that make the higher-end lockboxes on the market but you will be paying $200 or more for those.  So you need to decide what type of lockbox you are looking for.

Simple is not always bad!  My purpose in this lockbox is short-term security for my handgun when I just cannot have it with me.  Pull the lockbox from under my seat, unlock the box, remove my handgun from my holster, place my handgun in the box and lock it, place it back under my driver’s seat and I am done.  Lock my car and I can feel safe that my handgun is secure until I return to my car.  All that for $30.00, it is worth it to me.

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