Thirty Years Ago I Made A Big Mistake

About thirty years ago I did something I really regret, I was in a financial crisis and I decided to sell two of my handguns. But when bills are not getting paid and food was not easily put on the table, drastic steps some times need to be made.  The mistake is that when gun values are not high like they are right now, prices are not very good.  So I ended up selling these two handguns for nothing close to what I paid for them and looking back now that really hurt!

Springfield Armory 1911

Thirty years ago I bought a Mil-Spec 1911 45 ACP from Springfield Armory for a pretty good price. It was a basic model but it worked fine for me.  I went to a gunsmith and had him install an ambidextrous safety, a beavertail grip safety, and polish the feed ramp for reliability.  Then I sent my slide to Novak’s and had him install a set of night sights, so it was just as I wanted it for shooting. It shot really well and gave me something I could enjoy for many years.

FN Browning Hi Power

A few years later I came across an FN Browning Hi-Power 9mm in a pawn shop, it was also very basic but brand new and was something I could enjoy turning into a gun that I really wanted. I took it to a gunsmith and had him polish the feed ramp and a few other things to make it very reliable.  Then I sent it to Novak’s to put on a set of night sights so it would shoot better.  I traded the black plastic grips for some better black rubber ones and that made things much better when I shot the handgun.

A Long Time Coming

As I stated before, I sold both of these handguns and I really felt bad about that as time went on.  They were handguns that I always wanted plus Ifixed them up just like I wanted them to be, I hated the thought that I sold those beauties. The only thing about the Hi-Powers is that they stopped making them in 2018 and if you want one of the originals is $1200.00-1500.00.

As time went by and I begin to add handguns to my collection, I always thought about those two handguns that I did not have anymore and would like to buy again if it ever worked out.  Fast forward about thirty years and I was reading an article about Springfield Armory that they just designed a new group of handguns that were pretty cool. Four new 1911 style handguns were extremely accurate and looked awesome.

Springfield Armory Ronin 1911

I was in a gun store one day looking at what was available.  Glocks, Sig Sauers, Kimbers, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Springfield Armory (SA).  As I got to the SA’s I slowed down and looked a bit closer.  My eyes stopped at one of the handguns, there on the top shelf was a Springfield Armory Ronin 1911.  I was extremely surprised, I never thought I would see one of those new designs this soon after production.  Besides being a beautiful handgun it has all the things I put on my old 1911 and a few more except the ambidextrous safety at a very reasonable price. They had two variations of this gun, one with a 5″ barrel and the other with a 4.25″ barrel.  Since I would like to carry it concealed, I thought the 4.25″ barrel would be the best choice. Now the tug-of-war began between buy it now or buy it later.  I knew that the way the gun market was at that point, it may not be there if I waited.  So I decided to buy it at that time and I did!  How exciting!

One Down And One To Go

When I was buying that 1911 I mentioned to the salesman about my selling my old Browning Hi-Power and he said, “You know Springfield Armory has started producing their versions of the Browning Hi-Power, they call it the SA-35.  It has some major improvements and the MSRP is very reasonable.”  Now that sparked my interest! I really like Springfield Armory and they make fantastic firearms.  Maybe I can get another Hi Power after all.  But then he said they have not seen one yet and who knows when we will.

My thoughts were that it would probably be at least a year until the supply meets the demand so I better not get too excited yet. So I will wait patiently and see when I get to see one in person. But if it feels as good in my hand as the old one did, I will have to buy it. Until then I will need to relax and enjoy this one.

So I was able to purchase one of the ones I sold and that was very exciting. Now I have to wait and see when I find one of the new SA-35’s that becomes available.  But that is OK it shows that it might be possible, time will tell.

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