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Two Awesome Knives, same design, different handles

Product: Uncle Henry PH1N Pro Hunter

Price: $24.98

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product: Amazon

My Overall Rating: 9.0


Product: Old Timer SCHPHW-BRK Pro Hunter

Price: $36.00

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product: Amazon

My Overall Rating: 9.0

Quick Product Overview:

The Schrade Uncle Henry and Old Timer Pro Hunter knives feature a reliable satin-finished 7Cr17 stainless steel drop point blade. The drop point blade is ideal for general-purpose use with an easily controlled point, and a bigger belly blade design for rugged outdoor use while hunting or camping. Both Pro-Hunter knives feature a polished nickel silver bolster and an ergonomic finger groove for added security in your hand. These knives come outfitted with a brown leather belt sheath and lanyard strap to offer quick and easy access on your hip or storing safely in your hunting pack. The Uncle Henry Pro Hunter features an updated next-generation Staglon fitted handle while the Old Timer Pro Hunter features a Desert Iron Wood handle for the ultimate traditional look.

Specifications Of This Product:

Both Knives:

  • Overall Length: 8.125″
  • Blade Length: 3.625″
  • Cutting Edge: 3.50″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13″
  • Blade Material: 7Cr17
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Hollow
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.50″
  • Handle Thickness: 0.70″
  • Guard Material: Nickel Silver
  • Weight: 7.50 oz.
  • Sheath: Brown Leather
  • Handle Material: Delrin (Uncle Henry)
  • Handle Material: Desert Iron Wood (Old Timer)
  • Handle Color: Brown, Tan

What I Like About These Products:

I have both of these knives and they are of excellent quality.  Both were extremely sharp right out of the box and so far they hold a good edge.  They both feel very good in your hand and do not create any hot spots. The leather sheaths are well-fitted and hold these knives very securely. Do they compare to a $100.00 knife, No! But for the money, you pay they are worth every cent. 

What I Would Change About This Product:

These knives are really nice and I like them a lot.  But the first thing I did was remove the lanyard straps on both of the knives. While those lanyards may work for some people, they do not work for me.  Other then that, no changes are needed.

Final Remarks:

I really enjoy both of these knives, I bought the Uncle Henry Pro Hunter for a general-purpose knife that I take to work on a daily basis.  The Old Timer on the other hand is really a pretty knife and I use it now and then. If you look at the design of these knives they are exactly the same, except for the materials used in the handles.  So if the like the design then you will like both of these knives. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I do not buy expensive knives because I tend to misplace them now and then or lend them out to others and they never get returned.  Therefore, finding good knives at reasonable prices makes good sense to me and serves me well.  I am not the type of person that needs to buy high-dollar equipment because there are always other things that warrant the extra money. I highly recommend either or both of these knives.

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