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A Nice Budget Holster


Product: Amberide LPC .380 Holster

Price: $25.99

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product: Amazon

My Overall Rating: 9.0

Quick Product Overview:

  • Compatibility First: Designed exclusively for Ruger LCP 380 (Note: Not compatible with light/laser attachments)
  • Discreet, Secure & ‘Posi-Click’ Retention: Holster your weapon seamlessly and confidently. Each time you secure it, a distinctive ‘CLICK’ will resonate, indicating a firm lock-in. It’s a pledge from us—your firearm stays in place unless you decide otherwise, promising discretion and utmost safety
  • Robust Material & Precision-Crafted: Crafted from .08″ KYDEX & Boltaron using custom CAD-designed aluminum molds, our holster ensures waterproof protection, washability, and a sweat guard for your sidearm’s pristine condition, all while guaranteeing no wear and no jitter
  • Adaptable Design with Precision: Adjust the 1.5” belt clip’s angle between 0 to 30 degrees using the included Hex Key. Made with black powder-coated stainless steel hardware, it allows for faster draw and perfect concealment, while ensuring complete accessibility.
  • American Craftsmanship & Assurance: Symbolizing top-tier quality and durability, each Amberide IWB Holster is proudly Made in the USA. Backed by our unwavering lifetime warranty, should any issue arise, expect a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Specifications Of This Product:

SizeLeft or Right Hand Draw (IWB)
Hand OrientationLeft or Right
Material.08″ KYDEX & Boltaron
StyleIWB – Ruger LCP 380
Closure TypeClip

What I Like About This Product:

The Ruger LCP Max is one of the best pocket Pistols on the market today and  it is necessary to carry it in a holster that will keep the pocket pistol secure and this holster seems to work. I usually have 2 or 3 holster makers that I go to for my Kydex holsters, but they are a bit pricey.  I wanted to try a holster from Amazon and see if it would work without spending a lot of money.  The holster is made of top quality materials and the detail in the holster is pretty good. The belt loop fits very good and keeps the holster on the belt.

What I Would Change About This Product:

This holster fit the Ruger LCP perfectly but it was a little tight for the Ruger LCP Max.  Therefore, I had to alter the fit so that it would work for the Ruger LCP Max.  I am left-handed and sometimes it is difficult to find a left-handed holster to fit what you need and this was the case for me this time. So I had to buy a left-handed holster for a Ruger LCP and modify it to fit my Ruger LCP Max. If you would refer back to an older article, How Do You Adjust A Kydex Holster or Kydex Knife Sheath?  it will explain how to adjust Kydex.  Now it fits like a glove and that’s how I like it.

Final Remarks:

The Ruger LCP Max is an awesome little gun and needs a good secure holster to go with it.  This Amberide Kydex holster is a good quality holster at a very economical price. The main method of carry for this handgun for me is going to be pocket carry so I did not want to pay a lot for my IWB holster, this company knows how to make a quality holster at a very fair price. I highly recommend this holster.

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