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The Best Pocket Holster On The Market

Product: The Pocket AHolster

Price: $39.97

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product:

My Overall Rating: 9.5

Quick Product Overview:

The Pocket Aholster is considered by some to be one of the best Kydex holsters on the market today. They specialize in Kydex concealment holsters. The Pocket holster is one of their top sellers. It is used by civilian and law enforcement for an everyday practical way to carry a back-up weapon as well as in some situations, a primary. Drop your holstered firearm into your pocket and it practically disappears. Unlike many of the other holsters on the market, you can get a complete firing grip on the weapon with it still in the holster (without altering the holster).

Specifications Of This Product:

  • The Pocket is available in right or left-handed carry.
  • This design is meant to be worn in the front pocket of your pants.
  • .060″ Black Kydex and .080″ Colored Kydex.
  • It is molded to curve with the leg to reduce printing and helps to keep the firearm in the perfect position to draw your weapon if needed. 
  • The outer side of the holster is rounded outward to keep the profile of the weapon to a minimum. 

What I Like About This Product:

This pocket holster is very simple and yet works incredibly well.  You can hook the top of your holster on the top of your pocket and the gun comes right out or hook the bottom of the holster on the lower pocket and out comes your gun.  This is not like some of the soft pocket holsters on the market that come out with the gun, not a good thing!

What I Would Change About This Product:

I have nothing to change about this holster, it works great just the way it is.

Final Remarks:

The Pocket AHolster works very well and literally disappears in your pocket. It is not the cheapest pocket holster on the market but then it does not work like those cheap pocket holsters either.  It functions the way a pocket holster should so price is not really a consideration. My favorite part concerning this holster is that you can put your hand in your pocket and get a complete grip on your handgun and nobody knows what you are doing. Then if you need to draw your weapon it is quick and easy.  

If you need a pocket holster, contact Alan at AHolster, you will not be sorry.  I highly recommend this holster company. Look at a previous article I have written, The Belt AHolster, it is another great holster.

Stay safe out there and have a great day!

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