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Nice Fire Starter

Product: Light My Fire FireSteel

Price: $11.99

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product:

My Overall Rating: 9.0

Quick Product Overview:

Your best fire-starting friend for igniting a fire in any weather.
The original magnesium fire starter is tough, durable, and fit for purpose. Developed for the army it performs to the highest standard. 3,000 strikes at 3,000 degrees makes fire lighting possible in any weather at any altitude. Get the technique, get the fire, get warm and get the food on. Ergonomic design and a built-in whistle, nothing but the best.

Specifications Of This Product:

  • Spark-sure magnesium alloy.
  • Strong nylon cord.
  • BIO-plastic handles.
  • Stainless steel striker.
  • Durable, up to 12 000 strikes
  • Built-in emergency whistle

What I Like About This Product:

There are many fire starters on the market, this is one that a friend of mine introduced me to and I really like it.  It works just like most any other fire starter and that’s a good thing. It has a metal striker with it that makes sparks very easily. This comes in four colors: orange, red, blue, and brown.  My favorite is the orange one because it is most easily seen.  If you are starting a fire in a campground with leaves, sticks and other loose materials, it is easier to see the orange one.  

What I Would Change About This Product:

Again, this product works and works very well, so I do not have any changes for this product.

Final Remarks:

Some people may wonder why I consider this EDC? As I said in some of my previous posts, EDC can vary from person to person and to someone living in the city, this may not work.  But if you are living in the mountains or going backpacking or hiking, this is a good choice. The Light My Fire Firestarter was originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, This Firestarter ignites a fire in any weather. The striker itself is made from Magnesium alloy. This makes for a durable fire striker that will work reliably for approximately 12,000 strikes. Its 5,400-degrees Fahrenheit spark makes fire building easy in any weather. The plastic components of the FireSteel 2.0 BIO ArMy is derived from Biobased plastics. You can use this fire starter to ignite any fuel: flammable materials,  flammable gas, liquid fuel, alcohol and modern gas stoves. Lastly, the striker includes a whistle for emergency situation. This lightweight, compact and reliable fire-starting tool is worth bringing with you on all your outdoor adventures

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