What Is Your EDC Knife, a Folder or a Fixed-Blade?

Choosing your EDC knife comes down to a personal choice.  Which one do you like best? Which one do you feel is more functional? Which one is cooler? What is the use for the knife?  And which one fits your lifestyle better? These questions are necessary to answer to figure out your choice.  But everyone knows that we should all carry a folding knife, or should we?

Let’s Talk Knives

There are so many knives on the market today, and the price range is from inexpensive to mega bucks. When I was younger it used to be an easy choice when purchasing a knife, if you wanted a pocket knife there was one standard style, a small multi-blade knife that would fit in your pocket.  There were no belt clips, no belt holsters just a small knife.  Then if you wanted a fixed-blade knife you had to carry a large knife on your belt.  But those easy choices are over now, there are so many choices in todays knife market and your decision gets more and more difficult.

Uses Of A Knife

Is this going to be an Everyday Carry (EDC) knife or will it be for a specilized purpose?  If it will be used for opening boxes or packages, cutting string, twine, or rope, carving wood,  then I would consider it a EDC knife.  If you will be carving meat, personal protection, hunting or fishing, cutting seatbelts, breaking a window or other emergency uses, that would be a special knife.

Folding Knife Advantages.

A folding knife seems to be the most popular knife out there.  It is safe, easy to conceal, and can be in a small package and placed in your pocket.  For many years they have been known as pocket knives.  It is easy to get in and out of your pocket for daily tasks and does not usually get in the way. Some of the folding knives have a locking mechanism which keeps it open until you wish to close it.

Things To Think About When Using A Folder.

A folding knife is generally not as durable as a fixed blade knife.  Since the knife has a hinge, it can bend or break when you least expect it to. One thing to remember is that folding knives are harder to clean. and if used very aggressively can occationally break.

There are two types of locking mechanisms to consider: a “lockback” style folder is a very secure mechanism but does require two-handed closing.  The “liner lock” knife allows the user to close the knife with one hand.

Fixed-blade Knife Advantages.

A fixed-blade knife is much stronger and ridged since it is made out of a solid piece of steel, they can be used rougher and work stronger than a folder.  They are more durable and hold up to the elements well because they do not have a folding mechanism as with a folding knife.  A fixed-blade knife is easier to clean and maintain and can be deployed faster in a self defense situation.

Things to think about with a fixed-blade knife.

The biggest downside to a fixed blade knife is they are harder to conceal and not as convenient to carry. But with the right style of sheath they can work very well.

Final Comments.

After reading all of this information, the biggest choice comes down to you and what you like.  With all the various knive available on the market you can fine one that suites you and how you plan to use that knife.  The other good thing is that you do not have to only choose one knife, you can have as many styles of knives that you desire for whatever  activity that you are doing. Enjoy your knife hunting!

If you have any questions about this post or anything related to Everyday Carry (EDC)/Concealed Carry, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to get back to you.

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