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Excellent Flashlight, Very Powerful

Product: Surefire E2D Defender Flashlight

Price: $179.00

Durability: High

Best Place To Buy This Product:

My Overall Rating: 9.5

Quick Product Overview:

Whether you prefer the versatility of the E2D Defender® Ultra or the straightforward simplicity of the E2D Defender® Tactical, SureFire has developed two superlative everyday-carry tactical lights that can take a beating or give one if necessary. Machined from aerospace aluminum, every Defender body incorporates a crenellated Strike Bezel® and scalloped tailcap that turn these robust illumination tools into formidable weapons, just the thing for when a thorny situation can’t be solved by photons alone. Its intense 1,000-lumen beam is precisely focused to deliver a crucial tactical advantage.

Specifications Of This Product:

Battery#: CR123 Lithium (2)

Dimensions: 5.6″ long x 1.125″ head diameter

Lamp Type: LED

Light Output: 1000 or 5 lumens

Weight w/batteries: 4.2 ounces

Run Time: 2.75 to 63 hours

Focus Type: Fixed

On/Off: Pushbutton, Tail-Cap

Material: Anodized aluminum

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty through SureFire

What I Like About This Product:

This flashlight is extremely bright and the light beam is very intense, thus as a self-defense flashlight it works perfect.  The brightness of this bulb will render a person momentarily blind when this light is shined directly into their eyes.  The push button tail-cap switch works great and very easy to operate.  I use this in combination with my firearm and it works very well.  Is it an inexpensive flashlight, NO, but it is worth the money and will last a very long time.

What I Would Change About This Product:

The only thing to remember is these lithium batteries do not last a long time so you always need to have some of these batteries on hand.  That means you must plan ahead and keep them ordered ahead of time.

Final Remarks:

The Surefire E2D Defender is an excellent self-defense flashlight and works extremely well.  Is it a drawback needing lithium batteries, absolutety not!  You just need to plan ahead and keep them on hand at home.  While flashlight that use AA, AAA, etc. batteries are easier to get batteries, they do not usually have as bright of a light beam.  I highly recommend this flashlight as your self-defense tactical light.

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