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Extremely Nice EDC Pack

Product: Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Sling Pack

Price: $122.03

Durability: Very High

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My Overall Rating: 9.5

Quick Product Overview:

Designed for outdoor excursions or office commutes, the popular Sitka Gearslinger has plenty of space for your laptop (up to 14.1″) and gives you top-down access to multiple pockets & pouches, 14 channels of PALS webbing, internal organization, CCW and 100oz/3L hydration reservoir storage. Combine it all with a practical and durable design and your everyday carry bag becomes your daily tactical companion.

Specifications Of This Product:

  • Exterior front
    • Y-compression strap made from 1″ webbing
    • One (1) 7.5″(L) x 2″(H) loop field for patches
    • 4 rows of 2-channel PALS webbing
    • Sleeve and bungee cord retainer
    • One (1) 7.5″(L) x 5″(H) x 2″(W) zippered pouch
    • One (1) 7.5″(L) x 3″(H) internal slip pocket
    • Internal 3-channel elastic organization
    • One (1) 7.5″(L) x 8.5″(H) external horizontal zippered pocket with Button-Lock™ security strap
    • One (1) 8″(L) x 9″(H) x 2″(W) zippered pouch
    • One (1) 8.25″(L) x 5″(H) internal horizontal slip pocket
    • One (1) 7″(L) x 7.25″(H) internal horizontal slip pocket
    Exterior rear
    • One (1) 9″(L) x 17″(H) zippered compartment with internal loop field to accommodate 100oz/3L water reservoir or CCW
    • Breathable padding for comfort
    Exterior left
    • One (1) 9″(H) x 3″ diameter cord cinch pouch for 32oz/1L water bottle or radio
    Exterior right
    • Grab handle made from 1″ webbing
    • Anti-theft zipper capture system
    • D-Ring attachment point
    • 6 channels of PALS webbing
    Exterior top
    • 1.25″ integral padded grab handle
    Main interior front
    • One (1) 9″(L) x 5.5″(H) zippered mesh pocket
    • One (1) 6.5″ x 5.5″(H) zippered mesh pocket
    • One (1) 15″(L) x 7″(H) slip pocket with 8.75″(L) x 7″(H) internal loop field for CCW
    • Enclosure strap made from 1″ webbing with quick release buckle
    Main interior rear
    • One (1) 9.25″(L) x 6.75″(H) slip pocket
    • One (1) 7″(L) x 6.5″(H) slip pocket
    • Integral 3″ ergonomic shoulder strap with 2″ quick release buckle, 6 rows of PALS webbing, and metal snap clip
    • Concealable sternum strap made from 0.75″ webbing with distress whistle buckle
    Other features
    • 3.5″(L) x 4″(H) waist pad with 2 channels of PALS webbing
    • Full clamshell opening

What I Like About This Product:

This pack is the perfect size for an EDC pack, I have used many packs in the last few years but this one is ideal. The fabric used on this pack is extremely tough and that means it will stand up to lots of abuse. It has many pockets so you can keep your gear organized.  It would hold a small laptop if you desire but that is not what I utilize in this pack.  The main thing that I like about this pack is the Gearslinger capability, which is so handy.  With a regular pack you need to take it off your back in order to get things our of it but with this pack you can swing it around to your chest and get whatever you need.  In addition to that feature it has a CCW pocket where you can carry your pistol. an extra magazine and a fixed blade knife and it is very easy to get to. Each zipper pull tab is made from knotted paracord which works out well.  I made a cobra-weave paracord zipper pull for the CCW pocket so I know which zipper conceals my handgun.  Its not as fast as using a holster but since I am not allowed to wear a handgun at work this is a great option for me.

What I Would Change About This Product:

When I first started buying Maxpedition packs about 12 years ago, they used to offer a “S-Type” pack on many of their packs.  That meant a “left-handed” pack and since I am left-handed that sure worked for me.  It is some times very difficult to be a leftie in a right-handed world so when I found this out about Maxpedition I was very excited.  But now they do not offer that anymore, and that’s a real bummer!  

So this time around I had to buy a right-handed pack and retrain my brain on how to use it. Instead of the pack going over my right shoulder so I could grab it with my left hand to sling it around my chest, it is just the opposite. But with some practice I will make it work.  But I wish they still had the “S-Type” packs, it would make it much easier for us left-handed individuals.

Final Remarks:

I am a big Maxpedition Fan, their packs are excellent!  I have a Jumbo Fat Boy and a Kodiac Gearslinger already and now the Sitka Gearslinger.  I absolutely love the Kodiac but it is a little large for me as an EDC bag. So I picked up the Sitka and it works great for me since it is a scaled-down version of the Kodiac. The Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Sling Pack is the perfect size, in my opinion, for an EDC pack.  It holds just enough gear for your essentials but it is not so big that you get bogged-down.  If you desire more room then move up to the Kodiac, as they are the same design.  But I always have the problem of overloading my packs so the Sitka gives me a modest amount of space without letting you go overboard. Recently I found some zippered mesh bags on Amazon and they work awesome for keeping my pack organized.  They have different sizes to choose from, see the review, Patu Zipper Mesh Bags. You might want to check them out.  I highly recommend this Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Pack.

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