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Nice One Piece Cleaning Rod

Product: Raiseek Gun Cleaning Rod

Price: $30.99

Durability: Very High

Best Place To Buy This Product: Amazon.com

My Overall Rating: 9.0

Quick Product Overview:

  • The ergonomically designed handle is a comfortable fit in your hand. Handle is the right size for a good grip and control
  • The carbon fiber that is superior to other material would not scratch or damage the barrel. The carbon fiber shaft allows the rod to flex or bend slightly and pop right back in shape
  • This single piece gun cleaning rod has a convenient hanging hole in the handle. It comes with a tube with the cap for storage
  • The bearings rotate smoothly while pushing a brush or jag through barrel. The 2 ball bearings in the handle make cleaning smooth and accurate. It spins freely to allow the rod to follow the rifling
  • Carbon fiber is light, strong and rigid. The threads are precise making brushes and jags to easily be threaded on and off

Specifications Of This Product:

  • One Piece Carbon Fiber Rod
  • 36″ long and 6mm in diameter
  • .27 – .45 caliber

What I Like About This Product:

This gun cleaning rod is light weight and strong and works great.  The swivel in the handle also is a big plus and this aids in it following the rifling. the threads on the end fit all my jags so I do not have to buy new ones. 

What I Would Change About This Product:

Nothing right now.

Final Remarks:

The Raiseek gun cleaning rod is an excellent product, it is more reasonably priced then most on the market and really works well.  With the smooth coating on the outside it is not necessary to use a bore protector and that is a big plus.  I highly recommend this product.

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