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Nice inexpensive rear sight

Product: Glock OEM Adjustable Rear Sight

Price: $25.97

Durability: GOOD

Best Place To Buy This Product: aMAZON

My Overall Rating: 8.5

Quick Product Overview:

This is the Glock Adjustable Rear factory sight that gives you both elevation and windage adjustments. The screwdriver is designed for use with the Glock Factory Adjustable Rear sight.

Specifications Of This Product:

  • This is the Glock factory adjustable rear sight that gives you both elevation and windage adjustments.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simply drive out your existing sight and replace with this new improved version.
  • This plastic sight functions perfectly with all models of Glock handguns except G42 and G43

What I Like About This Product:

While this is still a plastic sight, it does give you both elevation and windage adjustments on the sight and it comes with the needed adjustment tool.

What I Would Change About This Product:

If I had to change one thing about these sights it would be changing it to metal instead of plastic.  Other than that it works pretty well.

Final Remarks:

The one thing that can be frustrating is that when you are sighting in your handgun when it has fixed sights is when the point of aim is off.  A windage adjustment is usually pretty easy to change but when the elevation is off, that can get tricky.  Rather than filing the front sight, these adjustable sights make that very simple. Plus this rear sight is very inexpensive.  

If you are interested in this product, click here.  

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