Is Everyday Carry (EDC) New To You? Let’s Discuss It

Everyday Carry (EDC) means different things to different people. If ten people pulled out their EDC, I bet most of them would have different items that they could talk about.  Each person’s EDC centers around what they do and how they do it.  Let’s explore a few questions and see what we come up with.

What Does Everyday Carry (EDC) Really Mean?

If you look up a definition for EDC Gear, here is what you find: Everyday Carry is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on a person or with a person everyday. So as previously stated, if you empty your pockets and remove all the gear on your belt, that is your essential EDC.  If you want to expand this list, add to it everything you have in your pack or briefcase as well.

Is Everyday Carry (EDC) Only For Certain People?

Absolutely not!  Every single person has items that they carry everyday and that is your EDC.  Some people carry very few items, while other people carry many different things.  But the fact is that we all carry something with us on a daily basis.  

What Are Some Common Everyday Carry (EDC) Items Being Carried?

Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multi-tools, wallets, smartphones, watches, keyrings, notebooks, firearms and pens.  This can vary greatly depending on the needs of each person. 

Should You Carry EDC Gear?

This is a question that we all need to answer?  Is EDC for me? Do we want to carry extra stuff around with us? Honestly, you already do carry EDC, if you are in dought just empty your pockets, empty your backpack, etc. and see what you find.  The question is do you want to stop with what you have or expand the level of what you have now? 

What Is The Best Way To Get Started With Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear?

My first suggestion would be to read some good articles about EDC. This will expand your knowledge and help you figure out what might work for you. There are many good resources on the Internet, go ahead and check them out.  Once you have an idea what you would like to carry then decide the specifics about each item.  I would also suggest you write those items down, this will help you in your decision process. For example, there are many knives to choose from, both fixed blade and folders, you need to see what works best for you.  This is only one item on your list, now keep going. Then go down your list, item by item and use the same logic. It is very important that you understand your needs and what types of EDC gear works for you!

I am a little bias because I know my website is filled with some really good information,  I have provided some very honest information in the form of articles and product reviews that you might find helpful.  Check out the rest of my website, and see what you think. Once you do that please do not hesitate leaving a comment, if you have a question, I would be glad to give you my perspective and try to help you out.  But finally have some fun with all of this, and remember, once you come up with your EDC list, it is not set in stone.  It can be changed as your needs change.  

If you have any questions about this post or anything related to Everyday Carry (EDC), feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to get back to you.

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