My Favorite EDC Handgun

There are many handgun manufacturers that produce many great EDC handguns, therefore, the choice of your EDC handgun can be a little difficult.  Before I let you know my favorite, I need to set up a few guidelines to help you with your decision.

Revolver Or Automatic?

Many people like revolvers and for many years that’s all that was used.  A revolver is less likely to malfunction, all mechanisms are enclosed and thus not subject to outside influence – and that is a plus.  However, you’ll usually have a six-shot maximum, before having to reload. Speedloaders are available to help you reload quicker and they can be kept on your belt or in your pack.

Automatics have many size magazines which hold the bullets for these guns.  Depending on the size of the handgun and the caliber will dictate the number of rounds your magazine will hold. The average range of bullets will be 8-15 unless you use extended magazines. Most automatics are capable of firing more rounds before a reload is required. Reloading an automatic is also super simple, and quick. The other thing to keep in mind is that automatics have many moving parts, so the likelihood of a mechanical failure could be higher. 

Full-size Or Compact?

This is something to keep in mind regardless of whether you use a revolver or automatic.  If you are going to consider concealed carry then you must consider a compact firearm.  While a full-sized firearm holds more bullets, it is also more difficult to conceal and is heavier on your hip. 

A compact firearm usually is designed more for concealed carry.  It is not only smaller but may have contour grips, rounded corners, and edges.  The sacrifice for this is usually less bullet capacity in the gun,  some revolvers may have 5 rounds instead of six.  If it is an automatic, it will usually have fewer rounds in the magazine.  It may only be a single stack magazine to help make the handgun slimmer.

If you want a full-sized handgun then the way you carry it may need to be changed to fit the gun.  Off-body carry may be your best option for you because you do not want to make it visible under your cover garment.

Caliber’s To Choose

A bullet is made up of a casing, a projectile, some powder, and the primer. Put those all together in the right order and amounts and you have a functional bullet.  The bullet is placed in the cylinder or the chamber, the trigger is pulled, the hammer falls on the firing pin, the firing pin strikes the primer which causes the powder to ignite and the bullet goes “bang”!

So why did I mention that?  Well, it is important to understand the mechanism behind firing a bullet so you understand why a caliber is important.  Different calibers are made up of different size (weight) projectiles, casings and the amount of powder to move that projectile down the barrel toward the target.

The common calibers for a revolver is .22LR, 38 special, 357 magnum, 44 magnum.  The common calibers for an automatic are 32 auto, 380 auto, 9 mm, 40 S&W, and 45 auto.  There are other calibers but these are the common ones.

Now you need to decide which one of these calibers is right for you.  To do that you need to research on the Internet about the calibers you are interested in and make the decision of what you would like to carry.

Specific Gun Manufacturer

Here is another thing that you need to research to get an idea what manufacturer you would like.  Some of the big handgun manufacturers are Beretta, Colt, Glock, Kimber, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, Taurus, Walther.  There are many more out there but these are the main ones to consider. Once you have a few to consider then it is important to try and shoot them.  Contact your friends and see what they shoot, go down to some shooting ranges and see if they will rent some different brands of guns, that is how you will know what works for you.  Do not choose a gun manufacturer just because your friend likes them.  It will be your gun, you need to decide which is right for you.

Carry Method And Holster Design

There are many carry methods and many holster designs to choose from, and this is something you need to consider in detail.  Plus remember this is something that can change and will change until you find what works for you.  Most people have a box of old holsters that seemed like a good idea at the time but really did not work.  Many people begin by choosing a holster at your neighborhood gun store that looks good and has a price you can afford.  Then you go home and try it on and wear it for a while and find out you do not like it.  Then back to the gun store again or this time they look online for a bargain holster and try that one. 

My suggestion is to go for quality once you settle on a style of carrying.  Do not keep buying cheap holsters and wonder why they do not work.  Read articles on the Internet, read gun forums, paying attention to suggestions other gun folks suggest.  That will help you narrow down your search.  Or if you would like some suggestions, I would be glad to help, just leave a comment below and I will send you some good holster makers that might have what you would like.  That way you can get a good holster for a fair price!  Remember, a good holster is not cheap but it will last a long time.

My Favorite EDC Handgun 

I have used both revolvers and automatics and while I like them both, I have chosen a sub-compact for my EDC handgun.  While there are many calibers to choose from, I like the 45 auto.  It has great stopping power and is relatively easy to find to purchase.  The gun manufacture that I have chosen has a great reputation and builds excellent firearms.  What I like about them is they go BOOM every time you pull the trigger.  This company is a Glock and I really like this firearm. Some people do not like Glocks, they say they feel like you are holding a 2 x 4 in your hand.  But I do not agree as they feel good to me.

The Glock pistol I have chosen for my EDC is the model 30, it has a double-stacked magazine so it is a little wider than other compact automatics but this is a great handgun.  It is easy to shoot and very accurate.  I added a Pierce grip extension on the magazine which adds one round to the magazine and gives me a good place for my little finger when I grip the handgun. It holds 10 bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber.  In the right holster, it conceals very well!

I wear an IWB (Inside the waistband) holster behind my left hip, as I feel an IWB holster is the best way to conceal a firearm.  You can wear it appendix or almost any place in your waistband and with the right cover garment, it will conceal well.  

My Favorite Carry Method/Holster

There are three carry systems that I use to carry my Glock 30.  A Comp-Tac Infidel IWB holsterCom-tac IWB holster, a Gunfighters, INC Kenai Chest Holster, and a Belt Aholster. Just for the record: I have two acronyms for two types of holsters, IWB means Inside the waistband and OWB means Outside the waistband. My Comp-Tac IWB Holster holds my Glock very securely, I use the leather belt loops to attach it to my belt and they do not come off my belt unless I unsnap them. I carry it behind my left hip, about the 8:00 position. This position is very functional for me and will conceal very well.  I tried carrying in the appendix position but my body type does not seem to work well in that position.  Is my IWB Holster comfortable, not always!  As long as my pants are not tight around the waist, it is comfortable.  Once you put on a tight pair of pants, it can be a little uncomfortable.

The Gunfighters, INC Kenai Chest Holster fits on top of my shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket.  It is not a concealed carry rig but it works great when used while backpacking, hiking, riding dirt bikes, riding horses or hunting. The Kenai Chest HolsterKenai Holster is always comfortable and works great when doing many outdoor activities when fast acquisition of your handgun is necessary. This holster rides perfectly in the harness and holds my Glock very securely.   

My Belt Aholster is an OWB holster that is made for concealment.  While I like my IWB holster, sometimes I just do not feel like wearing that holster inside my waistband, and that is where this holster comes in.  This holster is extremely comfortable and keeps my Glock very secure. It is like a traditional OWB holster that is bent to conform to the curve of my hip when worn in the 8:00 position.Aholster OWB It has a belt attachment in the front and rear of this holster which makes it very secure on my belt.  The material used for the attachments is made of rubber/fibrous material so it will not wear-out. It hugs my hip so the grip sits tight against my body.  Because the bottom of the holster fits outside my pants, it is necessary to always wear a good cover garment.  I usually wear a vest that is long enough to extend past the bottom of the holster.  These are some great holsters that work well under various situations, see the contact information for these holsters below.

Final Comments

It is important to feel very comfortable with the firearm you have chosen for your EDC handgun.  You must like the size and weight, caliber and carry system you have chosen.  If you do not like all of those things you may not feel comfortable wearing your handgun on a regular basis.  And a concealed carry handgun that is not worn does not do you very much good. 

Another very important thing to keep in mind is it is imperative that you practice shooting your EDC handgun on a regular basis.  If you ever need to use your firearm, you need to make sure you can hit what you aim at.  That can save your life!  

If you carry concealed it is important to always follow the regulations that are given to you by your county that issued your CCW.  In addition, you must follow your state guidelines too.  That way you will not lose your concealed carry privileges.

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