COVID-19 and EDC, Do They Work Together?

A lot has been happening the last week to 10 days concerning the Coronavirus or now as it is called, the COVID-19 pandemic.  It seems like most states are doing similar things trying to keep us all safe.  Here in Colorado, our Colorado State University (CSU) is leading the charge with all face to face classes being cancelled and once Spring Break is finished, classes will continue in the online format for the rest of the year.  That seemed to trickle down to our high schools and elementary schools, they extended spring break one additional week so we will see what happens after Spring Break.  Then our Governor mandated a “Stay at Home” order to keep people from congragating together. Businesses have begun to do some things too: closing lobbies to sit-down meals to limit the number of customers at one time, then they went to Take Out only.  Finally they are recommending that all people wear masks to try to limit the spread of germs.

COVID-19 News Seems To Be Everywhere

No matter where you look these days, that’s all you see! More information, more possibilities about COVID-19.  Will it ever end?  Facebook is plastered with every joke, every funny picture, every nasty comment that you can find.  Is it just one big joke?  Absolutely not!  I feel it is real and rather than just joking about it, maybe we need to “think” for a moment about the truth.  At first it seemed as though everybody was going over-board.  Then you have the idiots that buy up all the toilet paper, facial tissues, hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray.  Then you have the real idiots that buy those things just to sell them on Amazon at super inflated prices – shame on you!  Not to mention the “HOARDERS” that buy up all the meats, vegetables, pastas so no one else can get them. 

So what is the next step?  Naturally, having to regulate how much people can buy so the maximum number of people can buy more product.  Is this really necessary?  Yes unfortunately it is, and that is pretty sad!  It has been said by Colorado Disease Control that it’s not if you will get it but when you will get it.  The purpose of limiting the number of people that are in one specific area is the way to limit the number of people that are getting exposed to this virus.  That way it decreases the number of people that have the virus initially.  Whether you agree with these procedures or not it is the truth. 

How Can You Prepare Yourself for the COVID-19?

So here are the symptoms that experts say we will have if you obtain the Coronavirus: runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, and possibly difficulty breathing,  only in severe cases.  That sounds about like any other flu-type virus that is going around.  When you read how to avoid getting the Coronavirus, the one thing they say to do is wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! Before you eat, after you eat, if you touch your face, if you sneeze, if you cough, that means all the time!  If you can limit the germs going in you will decrease your chances of getting sick. 

If you are near a bathroom or a kitchen sink or someplace with running water and soap, its easy.  But what do you do when you are in your car or walking about away from those thing?  Easy, you go get a bottle of hand sanitizer and keep it with you. Unless you live in an area when those idiots bought them all.  Now what? 

Making your own Hand Sanitizer

Well if it’s not available in your stores then we make some at home. It is pretty easy and will get you what you need. So here goes-what you will need to make your hand sanitizer:

1. 3/4 cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent).

2. 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel (to help keep your hands smooth and to counteract the harshness of alcohol).

3. 10 drops of essential oil, such as lavender oil, or you can use lemon juice instead.

4. Pour all ingredients into a bowl, ideally one with a pouring spout like a glass measuring container.

5. Mix with a spoon and then beat with a whisk to turn the sanitizer into a gel.

6. Pour the ingredients into an empty squirt bottle for easy use, and label it “hand sanitizer.” And there you go, easy but useful.

OK Enough About COVID-19!

So we talked about COVID-19 and some things to think about, now where does everyday carry (EDC) fit in?  As I have said before, there are different ways to look at EDC, some people consider it to be only the few things that are carried on your person. In that case they are always with you and that is a good thing.  I like to go a little bit farther, in addition to the items on my belt and pockets, I like to have a backpack full of a few more items that can cover a little more on the emergency side.  As we progress in this pandemic, we do not know what is going to happen or what will be expected of each one of us, because of that we need to be prepared to act at a seconds notice.

EDC Backpacks Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Since I have been through a major emergency in my life,  (read – Why is Your Everyday Carry Gear So Important) I understand the importance of being prepared.  That’s why I always have a pack with a few clothes, socks, underware, tooth brush/toothpaste, and a few emergency items, just in case I need them.  It pays to do some research on the Internet, putting together your EDC list so you can be ready when you need it.  Once your list is made, then determine what pack those things will fit in.  My EDC Backpack section of my website has many to choose from, go there if you need so ideas.

EDC For The Pandemic

I have said this before so please hear me, your everyday carry items can change with your situations.  So during this pandemic, I will carry things that I may not carry otherwise.  Here are some items that I make sure I have with me, either on my person, in my EDC pack or in my car or at home: Disinfectant spray, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, water bottle, alcohol wipes and a mask. 


  • Disinfectant spray is very useful but may be an item that I keep at home and wipe down my gear as necessary.



  • Wet wipes are handy to help with any cleanups, hand sanitizer works to keep your hands clean, but is not a substitute for good old soap and water. 


  • A water bottle is very important as we all need to stay hydrated, but it can also be used to wash your hands in case you are out of hand sanitizer.


  • Some type of alcohol wipes work very well too.  I keep these for cleaning my glasses but they work fine on your hands as well. 



  • My last item is a mask, some may like them and some may not.  This item too is very difficult to find in stores.  I had to find someone who could make me one, see the picture, very cool! Some people may carry rubber gloves but I choose to wash my hands rather than  depend on rubber gloves.  If you are looking for other EDC gear, check out my website.

Making Your Own Disinfectant Spray

As I touched on hand sanitizer, the same thing is happening with disinfectant spray, it is being over-purchased to where it is hard to find sometimes. So let’s make our own!

Here is an easy recipe to make your own disinfectant spray:   

1. Place one gallon of water into a gallon container with a tight cap. 

2. Pour 1/3 cup of bleach into that gallon of water.

3. Add some lemon juice if bleach smell does not appeal to you.

4. Pour mixture into a new sprayer or re-use an old spray bottle.

Re-cap gallon container and store away. Use of spray: 

Pre-clean the are first.

1. Spray on disinfectant spray and leave on surface for 6 minutes. 

2. Rinse area with plain water.

There you go, very easy and fast to make!

Everyday Carry Gear is Important

I have said this many times and I will continue to say this, you need to carry EDC that is important to you!  Don’t carry what I carry or don’t carry what your friend carries, you need to carry what makes sense to you.  Think about it, read about it and make a decision for yourself as to what you shout carry.  Then buy it and carry it!  Items left at home will not do you any good in an emergency.  It needs to be on you, or with you, not in your car or on your nightstand or in your office desk.  Carry it with you all the time!

If you have any questions about this review or anything related to Everyday Carry (EDC), feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to get back to you.

All the best,


Founder of EDC Essentials


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