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These are two examples of a holster accessory that is available for many different holsters right now that all have the same end result.  They push on your belt from the inside of your pants and twist your holster so the butt of your gun is pushed inward toward your body.  I initially thought it was for appendix carry holsters only but they also work for any IWB holster.  I feel they are a necessity if you want your handgun to conceal well.

Comp-tac Holster w/ Kick attachment
Muddy River Holster w/ Claw attachment

Product: Comp-Tac Kick 

Price: $9.99

Durability: Very High

Best Place To Buy This Product: or

My Overall Rating: 9.5

Product: Muddy River Claw

Price: $10.00

Durability: Very High

Best Place To Buy This Product:

My Overall Rating: 9.5

Quick Product Overview:

The claw or kick attachments hit the market roughly a year ago and is now made by multiple companies.  These attachments are designed to ride against your belt, on the outside of the trigger guard to push the grip of the firearm towards your body.  It is quite amazing the difference it can make on mid to full size firearms.  These attachments were initially designed strictly for appendix carry.  But now they have had success in all  IWB carry holster positions.  If you are having any issues with concealment at all, this may be the answer to your prayers!  Many people are now looking to upgrade to a  IWB Kydex Holster with Claw or kick to take your concealment to the next level! 

Specifications Of This Product:

These attachments are available in left and right hand. The holes of the are minimum .5″ apart and maximum .75″ to be used with multiple holster products. 

What I Like About This Product:

The minute I put them on my holsters I could feel the difference.  The gun butt immediately turned toward my body and held it there.  There was not the slightest printing of my handgun through my cover garment.  So they work really well.

What I Would Change About This Product:

This attachments works very well and does not need to be changed.

Final Remarks:

These are two examples of products that are made on the market. I used these two examples because I have their holsters.  If you are interested in this type of attachment, check with your specific holster maker first to see if they have this attachment.  If they are made for your specific holster, it will fit perfectly.  If they do not have them, then think about ordering from another holster maker.  Regardless of who you get them from, they really help your concealability and I highly recommend them.

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