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An Excellent Folding Karambit at a Reasonable Price

Product: Fox 479 or 599 Karambit Knife

Price: $116.12 – 127.46

Durability: Very High

Best Place To Buy This Product:

My Overall Rating: 9.5

Quick Product Overview

The Fox 479 G10 Black Folding Karambit is the best self-defense tool and utility knife available on the market. Whether you need a utility knife to open boxes and clamshell packaging or a reliable self-defense tool, Fox karambits are a force to be reckoned with. If you want the most reliability in any situation where a need arises for a good blade that works and works well, this is your knife.

This knife utilizes the Emerson Wave, which is the most effective and efficient deployment option available in the knife industry. The patented Emerson Wave allows you to fully deploy your karambit effortlessly with just one hand. It is strong, has a consistent edge with a high degree of sharpening,  with enhanced edge retention.  Very easy to conceal.  It has a safety ring for a sure and secure grip, even in extreme environments and the safety ring allows you to utilize in less-than lethal situations by keeping the closed karambit in your hand.  Works for hand sizes measuring 3.6″ or over across the back of your knuckles. If smaller, see Fox 599

Specifications Of This Product:

Overall Length – 7.60″ in

Blade Length – 3.00″ in

Blade Thickness – 0.11″ in

Blade Material – N690Co Steel

Blade Grind:Plain

Blade Finish – Black Teflon

Edge Type – Single Edged

Handle Length – 5.00″ in

Handle Material – G10

Handle Thickness – 0.50″ in

Handle Color – Black

Closed Length – 5.00″ in

Lock Type – Liner Lock

Liner Material – Stainless Steel

Weight – 4.60 oz

Attachment – Reversible Clip

Emerson Wave – Yes

What I Like About This Product:

This knife feels really good in my hand, has a lightweight feel, smooth to the touch. The Blade comes very sharp right out of the box and it did not need any “touch-ups” with my ceramic stone. The lockup is tight, there is zero play in the blade, this Karambit is well made and sturdy. The patented wave-shaped opening mechanism makes this knife open very easily when deploying it from my pocket.  While it does take some practice getting it to open from your pocket, this mechanism works very well.

What I Would Change About This Product:

One thing that I was not aware of until after I purchased this knife.  When purchasing this knife through Amazon or another online store, Fox knives will not insure their knives due to “being unable to confirm the original source of the product or reliability of the seller” this goes for all genuine fox karambits.

Final Remarks:

This Fox Karambit Folding Knife is a very beautiful and great knife, for the price, this is one of the best self-defense tools available. The grip is very solid due to the finger grips of the handle, it really fits my hand very well.  The blade is made from N690 stainless steel which came very sharp and seems to hold a good edge.  One of the big positives for this knife is the Emerson wave feature, that helps you deploy the blade with only one hand.  Since this mechanism is not real aggressive, it does take some practice to become successful with it.  Mine came with a hex key to change the location of the pocket clip.  I highly recommend this folding karambit for self defense use.

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